I am Pam Desmond, the artist and creator of Modern Mojo. After working for years in the Psychology and medical research fields, I decided to pursue my creative passions and create glass and jewelry designs that spread love and blessings to the people who wear them. It started as a passion for glass—the way it behaves, moves, flows. But you can't wear beads, so I began designing jewelry pieces incorporating my lampwork, and eventually also discovered the beauty and healing properties of gemstones. For me, though, the most important component remains my intention as I design and create each piece with love in my heart for the wearer.

I have also been captivated for several years by rhythm work called TaKeTiNa. It is through my work with TaKeTiNa that I found the courage to redefine myself as an artist. It has also given me the great gift of inner silence and peace, a precious commodity that was hard to reach for a one-time academic like me. I currently teach TaKeTiNa workshops in Ellicott City, MD and surrounding areas.

When I am not in my studio or practicing TaKeTiNa, I enjoy belly dance, drumming, and percussion and amateur interior design.

In August 2007, I was blessed with new baby twins, so many of my other endeavors have taken a bit of a back seat as I navigate the beautiful and encompassing waters of motherhood.

Please contact me at pam [at] modernmojo.com with questions, commissions, or to find out about TaKeTiNa in your area.

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