Magic is all around us—in our thoughts and mindfulness, our prayers and dreams, our intention and attention. In every spiritual path, there is room for magic created by the blessings or prayers of one human being for another.

As the creator of Modern Mojo, I try to send love and light out into the world through art and music. My goal is to invite joy, peace, and transcendence to enter every life I touch.

Each piece from my line of handmade jewelry and lampwork glass is imbued with a blessing or prayer for the person who will eventually wear it. I believe that these small tangible reminders are one way to encourage finding beauty in the every day.

Looking for rhythm, inner stillness, transformation? TaKeTiNa is a group rhythm process that uses body movements (stepping and clapping) and the voice to create music, while also creating a space for profound relaxation and intense self-knowledge.

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